BLS For Electric Vehicles

The BLS for Electric Vehicle Batteries

Replacing batteries in Electric Vehicles every 3-4 years can be very costly. Extend the life of your batteries with the BLS. You can also use the BLS to rejuvenate old batteries. Simply connect the correct BLS to the main positive and main negative battery terminals. Once connected, just use the vehicle as normal. The BLS will constantly clean the batteries of lead-sulfate crystals and keep hard crystals from forming.


  • 48 volt EV—BLS-48A
  • 48 volt Golf Cart—BLS-48B
  • 72 volt EV—BLS-72A
  • 84 volt EV—BLS-84/96-Multi
  • 96 volt EV—BLS-84/96-Multi
  • 120 volt EV—BLS-120A
  • 144 volt EV—BLS-144/156-Multi
  • 156 volt EV—BLS-144/156-Multi


Now, the 144V car, has been with BLS 10 weeks now. From a range at 15km it improved to 33km. looks great. And today the energy was only 2.3Kwh to charge it max. In the past it was double or more. So for a trip at 23km it takes 2.3kwh. Really good.

Andrej Simson, Simson Motor Company, Sweden



I received a followup email from the owner of the Zenn NEV with the six Deka gel batteries I restored for them. They reported that after two test trips of 1 and 2 miles with no problems, the Zenn is now being used as before for five mile trips.
They have noted that the SOC indicator reads full or down only one bar after a five mile trip. They are very pleased with the results.
I am very pleased and impressed with the BLS and will continue to recommend it whenever possible. Thank you

Tim Thompson, Green Auto’s



     Hi Thomas,

I just thought I would let you know that with the battery life savers on the 84 volt Zap trucks has had a range increase of about 15%, up to 40 miles now, up from the 30 miles I was getting, which is about as good as it gets. I started out with a stock 72 volt system with a 10 mile range.

Clint Marchbanks, owner of EV Idaho, Caldwell, ID


"I am an RV owner. I want to tell you that the Battery Life Saver brought back my $225 battery that was in very bad shape. It took a while but it’s still working great. It makes me very happy."

T.B. Bend

BLS Customer" />