BLS For Solar/Wind System Batteries

The BLS for Solar/Wind System Batteries

One of the most expensive components of any Alternative Energy System is the batteries. Use the BLS to extend battery life and rejuvenate old batteries. Only one BLS is needed per battery system. Simply connect the BLS to the main positive and main negative battery terminals. The BLS will constantly clean the batteries from lead sulfate crystals and keep hard lead-sulfate crystals from forming.
Use the BLS-12/24B for 12 and 24 volt systems and the BLS-48A for 48 volt systems. The BLS will not interfere with any surrounding electronics, inverters, controllers, etc.


“I had never had any measurable success with any product that claimed
to restore batteries. I had a bank that had had an IES Desulfator on
it for 2 years. Periodically, I would do the following load test on the
bank: charge it up and put a .1 amp load on it for 16 hours and
check the ending voltage. For two years, I never saw any measurable
change – it was always 50.00 volts. Randy talked me into trying the
BATTERY LIFE SAVER. I did the same load test after only ten days and
the ending voltage was 50.25 volts. After another 10 days, it was
50.40 volts. I am convinced that THE BATTERY LIFE SAVER will restore
sulfated batteries, and fairly quickly.”

Carl McClellan, Advanced Energy Group

“My experience with ‘desulfators’ was all bad. They never produced
results for me. Then I tried THE BATTERY LIFE SAVER. I was very
surprised. A battery bank that had been boiled badly and was not
usable became usable ina few days. Even better, a bank of L-16s that
were badly sulfated were totally restored to like-new condition very
quickly. I also restored the battery in my truck. This product
really works.”

Tom Rentz, Sun Wind Concepts.

“I am amazed at the readings I just took on the battery bank I have
had the BATTERY LIFE SAVER on for 2 months. The bank had been on its
last leg – I just hoped it would last through the winter. The test I
have just done shows specific gravity readings that are better and
tighterthat they have ever been on this bank, even when it was brand new!”

Tom Kingsland, Backwoods Solar

I have 2 large 48v battery banks for two separate renewable power systems, the battery banks are GNB pdq23 2v run in series, 1300ah each. I installed these desulfaters 6 months ago and they run 24/7/365 I have seen a difference in the system since. I also ordered one for my 48v golf cart which is also hooked up 24/7 and I noticed a BIG difference in the duration of the charge. I was skeptical at first but after 6 months running… I vote A-1 and well worth the money

Don Sturgis, Clarkston, Michigan






"I am an RV owner. I want to tell you that the Battery Life Saver brought back my $225 battery that was in very bad shape. It took a while but it’s still working great. It makes me very happy."

T.B. Bend

BLS Customer" />