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April 29th, 2009

Understanding Batteries and the Battery Life Saver

The Battery Life Saver electronic device will extend the life of any lead-acid battery and can rejuvenate “dead” batteries to a like new condition. But how does it work? To understand...
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April 28th 2008

Battery recycling takes deadly toll in Africa

First, it took the animals. Goats fell silent and refused to stand up. Chickens died in handfuls, then en masse. Street dogs disappeared
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April 28th 2008

Battery Restoration, Part 1

Batteries are vital in our society, an upper level in the scale of ability for humankind. They give us the power to store and manipulate energy. They are everywhere from...
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Feb. 25th 2008

Is Biofuel Craze a Mirage?

In September 2007, Lewis Smith, Environment Reporter for Times Online, warned us that we may need to jump off the biofuel...
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