Test Data

We don’t receive very many detailed reports from our customers about their experience with the BLS. But when we do, we will share them here.  If you are planning to purchase a BLS or already have, please send us your readings and we will share them here.

Powertek Test Results
BLS-12-24C Test Bank 1
BLS-12-24C Test Bank 2

Customer Name: Jim, Superintendent, Pebblewood Country Club

System: E-Plex 48 volt electric mower. Period of only 8 days.

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Here is our own testing data that was performed on several “junk” batteries that we received.



"I am an RV owner. I want to tell you that the Battery Life Saver brought back my $225 battery that was in very bad shape. It took a while but it’s still working great. It makes me very happy."

T.B. Bend

BLS Customer

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